July Birthstone (Ruby)

The Ruby is the birthstone of those born in the month of July, the most fiery and hot month of the year. Ruby is also the gemstone to be given on the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries.

Ruby Ring - 18 Karat Rose Gold, 14cts. of Rubies. 

Ruby Ring - 18 Karat Rose Gold, 14cts. of Rubies. 

Ruby is considered one of the four precious stones, along with emerald, diamond and sapphire.  Although true Rubies have some minor imperfections and rutile inclusions, these same imperfections are what give Rubies their inner light rays and make them stunningly beautiful.

The red color of the stone is due to the element Chromium. Minimum color saturation must be met to qualify the stone as a Ruby, otherwise the stone is called a Pink Sapphire.   Ruby’s redness symbolizes love, power, and passion. There was a time in history when the healing crystal Ruby was considered even more precious than Diamonds, which is why it often adorned the clothing and jewelry of nobility.

Red is the color of our most intense emotions - love, anger, passion. In Ancient Egypt, it was even regarded as the "king of precious stones." Just like red roses and red Ferraris, this ruby ring will get your heart beating. 

The brushed white gold in this ring perfectly complements the deep, crimson tones of the intricately cut ruby slice. The encrusted white diamonds add a generous touch of luxury, while the delicate rose gold on the inside of the band is unmistakably feminine.