Organic Silver Horse Cuff Bracelet

Organic Silver Horse Cuff Bracelet, accented with 2.75ct Cognac Diamonds and 14 Karat Rose Gold. Each of Michael Barin's pieces are hand-forged using recycled silver, with most pieces being one-of-a-kind. The metal does not contain any added alloys that could compromise the strength or quality of the piece. Each Organic Silver cuff bracelet takes upwards of 8 hours to complete, ensuring that no detail is ignored. When asked why he prefers Organic Silver to "regular" silver, Michael says, "it is a form of environmental conservation - we save the planet while creating wearable works of art." Generally regarded as as symbol for luck and protection, horseshoes have made an appearance in jewelry as early as the era of Egyptian Pharaohs. Horseshoes in the upright position have been known to collect luck and ensure that it never runs out. Finished Measurement Height 2 inches

BDGS_00417 (2).jpg