Red Garnet Ring

The radiant 13.87 CT center stone becomes beautifully feminine when paired with delicate rose gold and whimsical white diamonds. This statement ring is perfect for a woman intune with her femininity - a woman who isn't afraid to make a statement. The understated pink and red tones will pair wonderfully with neutrals, making it an ideal accessory for any day of the week. The Ancient Egyptians frequently adorned themselves with crowns dazzled with garnet. It was considered to be the single most prized possession of an Egyptian in their afterlife, and was therefore frequently found in ancient tombs. Further down through history, garnet was frequently exchanged within families to strengthen relationships and protect from bad omens. 13.87 CT Garnet set in 14 Karat Rose Gold and accented with 0.48 CT White Diamonds. Measurements: Length: 0.80in Width: 0.60in Size: 7*