Ganet Flower Ring

18 Karat White Gold and Garnet Flower Ring, accented with Diamonds. The Ancient Egyptians frequently adorned themselves with crowns dazzled with garnet. It was considered to be the single most prized possession of an Egyptian in their afterlife, and was therefore frequently found in ancient tombs. Further down through history, garnet was frequently exchanged within families to strengthen relationships and protect from bad omens. Each petal of this delicate flower ring, is adorned with diamonds that sparkle against the diamonds garnet's rich hue. This ring is perfect for a modern woman that is ready to make a statement. Measurements: Diameter: 1.5in Size: 6.25* *This ring can be sized up or down up to two sizes (4.25-8.25

Organic Silver Rustic Diamond Flower Ring

A unique take on the floral trend, this ring features Organic Silver 'petals' adorned with Rustic Diamonds. The cool tones of the Organic Silver perfectly complement the Earthy Rustic Diamonds, creating a work of art that is unmistakably Michael Barin. If you love florals but are tired of traditional, coquettish pieces then this is the ring for you. Organic Silver does not contain any added alloys that could compromise the strength or quality of the piece. When asked why he prefers Organic Silver to "regular" silver, Michael says, "it is a form of environmental conservation - we save the planet while creating wearable works of art." 3.29 Ct Rustic Diamonds set in Organic Silver and accented with 18 Karat Yellow Gold. This ring is about 1in long and 1in wide, and can be sized anywhere between a size 4.75 and size 8.75