Edwardian Silver Patina Ring

18 Karat Yellow Gold and 0.56 CT Rose Cut Diamond Ring. This ring features a beautiful engraving throughout the band and an antique, silver patina finish. Inspired by the Edwardian Era, a time when fine jewelry was a crucial component of every outfit, pieces were created to compliment the silk and lace worn by royalty. Understated and delicately feminine, this piece exhibits striking detail and painstaking attention to detail and can be worn everyday, as well as for a special occasion. Measurements: Width: 0.5in Length: 0.5in Size: 7* *This ring can be sized anywhere between a size 5 and a size 9. Are you looking for a complete set? We have matching necklaces and rings available.


Pearl Necklace

This 19" strand is composed of natural Tahitian pearls that have been hand-selected for their unique shape and iridescent color. No detail is missed - the hand-made while gold clasp is adorned with a carat of striking, white diamonds. The average size of each pearl is about 17 mm. Due to their naturally dark color, Tahitian pearls have become some of the most sought after, expensive pearls in the world. Unlike black freshwater and akoya pearls, which are irradiated or dyed, Tahitian pearls obtain their look naturally and can be found in an incredible array of iridescent color. Due to their vast color range, matching these pearls into a perfect, finished strand is an enormous task requiring thousands of loose pearls. Pearls are one of the first gems adorned by women and have been used as decorative items as far back as the 5th century BC. Over time, pearls became a status symbol personifying wisdom, power and wealth, and happen to be the only gemstones made by a living organism. When a foreign substance passes through the organism of a mollusk and irritates the mantle, the mollusk begins to coat the irritant with a substance called nacre. Layers of nacre eventually form a pearl ranging in a variety of colors and shapes. Round pearls are the most expensive and uncommon, followed by baroque pearls, which are irregular and uniquely shaped


Organic Silver Rustic Diamond Flower Ring

A unique take on the floral trend, this ring features Organic Silver 'petals' adorned with Rustic Diamonds. The cool tones of the Organic Silver perfectly complement the Earthy Rustic Diamonds, creating a work of art that is unmistakably Michael Barin. If you love florals but are tired of traditional, coquettish pieces then this is the ring for you. Organic Silver does not contain any added alloys that could compromise the strength or quality of the piece. When asked why he prefers Organic Silver to "regular" silver, Michael says, "it is a form of environmental conservation - we save the planet while creating wearable works of art." 3.29 Ct Rustic Diamonds set in Organic Silver and accented with 18 Karat Yellow Gold. This ring is about 1in long and 1in wide, and can be sized anywhere between a size 4.75 and size 8.75

Organic Silver Leo Cuff Bracelet

Hand Forged Silver Leo Adjustable Cuff Bracelet. About 2.5 inches wide. The metal does not contain any additional alloys that could compromise the strength or quality of the piece. Each Organic Silver Cuff Bracelet takes about 8 hours to complete, ensuring that no detail is ignored. Due to the malleable nature of Organic Silver, this bracelet can be easily adjusted to fit small to large sized wrists, yielding a custom fit for its wearer.