Peridot Ring

Pear Shaped Pakistani Peridot set in 18 Karat White Gold, accented with Micro Pave Ideal Cut White Diamonds. GIA Certified Center Stone with a Total Weight of 44.30CT. White Diamond Quality G/VS2 with a Total Weight of 4CT. Peridot’s color ranges from pure green to yellowish green to greenish yellow. Pure green stones are very rare, with most of them being yellowish green. Peridots with the finest color tend to come from Burma and Pakistan. The stone retains its rich color even under artificial lighting, leading it to sometimes be referred to as the “evening emerald.” Michael Barin himself prefers to work with Pakistani Peridot on account of its “darker, deeper color” when compared to stones coming from Burma, which are “more teal and opaque.” Measurements of Center Stone: Length 32.43mm (1.28in) Width 16.42mm (0.64in) Depth 12.21mm (0.48in) Total Finished Measurements: Length: 1.5in Width: 0.75in Ring Size*: 6.75 *Can be sized anywhere between a size 5.75 and a size 9. With the addition of a butterfly sizer, the ring can be sized down to a 5.25


Ganet Flower Ring

18 Karat White Gold and Garnet Flower Ring, accented with Diamonds. The Ancient Egyptians frequently adorned themselves with crowns dazzled with garnet. It was considered to be the single most prized possession of an Egyptian in their afterlife, and was therefore frequently found in ancient tombs. Further down through history, garnet was frequently exchanged within families to strengthen relationships and protect from bad omens. Each petal of this delicate flower ring, is adorned with diamonds that sparkle against the diamonds garnet's rich hue. This ring is perfect for a modern woman that is ready to make a statement. Measurements: Diameter: 1.5in Size: 6.25* *This ring can be sized up or down up to two sizes (4.25-8.25